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FREE Home Maintenance Booklet with every Professional Home Inspection
We want you to feel free to contact Real Estate Insights Inc
with any questions that you may have
for as long as you own the home.

We offer quality service at competitive prices. We understand that the home you own or are purchasing is a big investment. We are knowledgeable about a home’s structure, systems, maintenance issues and repairs – insights that you need in order to make informed decisions. We inspect the home for your benefit, and we’re here for you for as long as you own the home – we’ll gladly help you with any questions that arise at any time.

When we perform a home inspection for you, in addition to familiarizing you with the home, the inspector will point out any health or safety concerns, deficiencies and needed maintenance or repairs. The inspector will also discuss helpful tips for maintaining the home and give you a FREE handy home maintenance booklet.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, we will email you a user-friendly, computer generated inspection report. The inspection report will include easy to understand, detailed explanations and photos of any problems found. After you receive the inspection report, we’ll still be here ready to answer any questions that may arise.

To discuss an exact quote or to schedule your home inspection, please contact us.

We’re happy to help with your home inspection needs, and we look forward to working with you.

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We’re happy to help with your home inspection needs.
Please call with any inspection questions, to get a quick quote
or to schedule your home inspection.

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